Why TA Leaders Could Care Less About Tech

Readers of the World Economic Forum’s recent Future of Jobs Report 2023 may have noted an interesting observation on page six: "The human-machine frontier has...

Understanding How Candidates Think Is Key To Successful Recruitment

Do you know what I mean? What’s in a word? Last month, we completed a survey fora well-known investment bank whichwas trying to understand how its...

The Art of Smart: Hiring for a More Complex Economy

Ask a recruiter what keeps them awake at night and there’s a good chance you’ll get the usual rollcall of ‘burning issues’: diversity, technology,...

Gonna wash that search firm right outta my hair! (Because they’re not worth it.)

The heady days following lockdown were exciting times for talent leaders. As the global economy reopened, companies loosened their purse strings and embarked on...

Money Talks

Here’s a conundrum.In over 20 years as a recruiter, I’ve only twice persuaded a candidate to move forless money. One was a KPMG partner...

“It’s a lifelong journey”: Why one of Asia’s most successful business professionals is still challenging himself after 30 years of leadership

In a fascinating 30-year career, Arvind has established multiple businesses and worked with some of the world’s leading consumer brands. Multi-lingual, he has led digital and cultural transformation programmes across Russia, China, the Philippines and elsewhere. As well as sharing a few stories about his professional journey, Arvind provided us with fascinating insight on leadership, diversity and corporate purpose.

Be an Agile Shape Shifter

It is those who are able to repurpose themselves by constantly re-examining their ‘value-stack’, who will survive violent storms of change. This is the essence of being a shape-shifter today.

Is Hybrid Working?

There was an increasingly vocal group of (mostly younger) professionals who were demanding more flexible forms of working. This was the same prescient generation who made much of the early running on such ideas as corporate purpose, sustainability and work/life balance. But their preference for working from home was often seen as a step too far.